The Board

The Board of SiØ 2019-20

Joachim Kulen
Chair of the Board    
Tel.: +47 924 90 592

Andreas Lindberg
Board member

Jon Øivind Selstad Bjørke-Hill
Board member

Elin Corneliussen
Board member

Magnus Klerck
Deputy Chair

Fahad Said
Board member

Rigmor Trudvang
Board member

Four members are elected by the students
One member is elected by SiØ staff
Two members are appointed by the educational institutions

The bodies that elect/appoint members to the board, elect/appoint an equal number of substitutes based on the succession principle. In other words, 1st substitute, 2nd substitute, 3rd substitute, etc.
If the students do not elect the chair of the board, then the board will do so. The board always chooses the deputy chair. The chair and deputy chair of the board are elected from among the student members.
Board members and substitutes elected/appointed by the students serve terms of one (1) year.
Other board members and substitutes serve terms of two (2) years. Terms run from/to 1 June, although such that board members remain in office until the new member can take over. A board member can be re-elected/reappointed.

The preference is for the most equal distribution possible between the genders and for the members to be distributed between the various faculties. Board members are paid fees.