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Refund of medical expenses

SiØ can refund your public medical consultation fees and psychologist expenses exceeding NOK 300,- pr year, maximum refund amount is NOK 2.185,-.

SiØ can refund physiotherapy expenses and chiropractor expenses exceeding NOK 500,- pr year, maximum refund amount is NOK 3.000,-

You must pay the full fee at the doctor’s office and apply for a refund after, so make sure you keep all the receipts.

Please note:
We can only refund expenses from chiropractors and physiotherapists. Please contact us in advance if you are unsure about which expenses we can accept.

How to apply for refund 
Contact SiØ Råd&Helse, fill out an application form and enclose necessary documentation. Remember to bring your valid student card with you.
What is accepted documentation?
Receipts/documentation from your doctor, psychologist, chiropractor or physiotherapist containing your name and the dates of consultations. Only original receipts will be accepted.
Contact SiØ Advice and Health for more information.
Østfold university college, N-1757 Halden
Phone: +47 69 60 84 00

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