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SiØ Diners

SiØ Diners is a welfare offer for the college students in Østfold. Students are our priority customer group. Production and product range is primarily aimed at this group. The purpose of the operation is to provide a diverse, well tasting, affordable and nutritious food service to students. Our diners are ment to be social arenas at campus, places where you can meet with friends whether you will eat or not.

Our menu is continuously evaluated and changed and enlarged with new dishes associated with new trends, needs and cultures. The operational objective of SiØ Diners is to have a healthy economy where the operation is self-financing. The Board (with student plural) adopts the budget and approves the accounts for the business.
College Centre Remmen
SiØ Diner at Remmen is ready to provide students and employees and take the opportunity to live up to most expectations as regards variety , taste , quality and availability at affordable prices.
Coffee Shop Remmen
In the coffee shop at Remmen you are often served by students. Here you can get Fairtrade coffee and most varieties of popular coffee drinks, frappes and a large selection of teas. Wednesdays we have extended opening hours onwards 6 o’clock in the evening with Taco buffet.
College Centre Fredrikstad
SIØ Diner at Kråkerøy in Fredrikstad is located in bright, pleasant premises. SiØ Diners got new functional interior in the sales area in 2009. The staff does their best to provide both students and employees variation in the menu and happily they do some effort to prepare something extra. Wednesdays we have extended opening hours onwards to 6 o’clock in the evening with Taco buffet .
Coffee Shop Fredrikstad
On the ground floor of the H building, students can relax in an intimate bar with stunning views of the city and the river or enjoy themselves out on the lovely patio on a sunny day. In the coffee shop you can buy most varieties of popular coffee drinks and a large selection of teas.  You can be enjoyed with something good to eat, whether it is a newly prepared coarse chunks for breakfast or a delicious freshly baked cinnamon bun when you
Østfold university college, N-1757 Halden
Phone: +47 69 60 84 00

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