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Allergies - SiØ Diners

This is an important issue that we are aware of at all times. We realize that we can always get better and try to follow what happens to product development and research. In order to have an allergy safe food supply is not just about food but also about the routines in the kitchen, staff knowledge and general information available for dining customers.

In the following we give an overview of what we have and a little bit about how we intend and think. So we emphasize that this is not something that is static. We are prepared to adapt to new needs and demands when kept within practical and feasible limits.
Please don’t hesitate to ask the staff at our Diners. They can give advice on requests or even bring issues forward to the operations manager or chef. This is in line with the Food Safety Authority requirements in Norway. From experience, we can add that usually the individual allergist knows best what to eat or not.
The salad bar provides a varied offer to anyone with allergies compared to meat, fish, nuts, gluten, lactose or milk proteins. The salad bar is open from 10 to 14. However, we can’t guarantee that no pinches is exchanged between the boxes. If you are extra sensitive, it is best to order food directly from the kitchen.
Cereals also covers the need for many allergies, as well for those who do not tolerate yeast.
We always serve gluten-free bread on order. Daily demand is so modest that we may not have fully prepared food on gluten -free bread, so ask the kitchen staff and they will prepare it for you on the spot.
All bread is cut on separate chopping boards and with their own knives at a defined area in the kitchen. This is to prevent residues / crumbs of bread from being mixed with vegetables for salad bar and lunch dishes.
Sauces are thickened with Maizena. We use Cornflour when Maizena is a good alternative to Wheat flour. We use other options than cow milk in dishes where it is possible, for example coconut milk, soy milk or vegetable cream substitute.
When cooking, we try to avoid spices and additives with glutamate which is also an allergen.
We only use approved suppliers who declare their goods in accordance with Norwegian legislation.
We would like to emphasize that we want customers to ask us for advice so that we can arrange / serve according to your special needs. It's nice if you can order this in advance so that we can do a proper job. In the middle of Lunch time it can be rather crowded. We are in a hurry and therefore it’s not always easy to help on the spot.
Other requirements
Halal food is provided on demand only. In everyday life we think that the most important thing is to offer you alternatives that suits different Cultures and Religions. Therefore, there is always food available with chicken, cheese, shrimp or fish together with a range of Vegetables.
Salad bar is our offer to Vegetarians. Today's lunch dishes can also very often, by simple means, be adapted to Vegetarian taste.
We aim to tag the Dishes when they are free of lactose or gluten and we can in most cases ensure if a dish is free of traces of nuts.
The main message is: Ask us if you are in doubt or want something special.
Østfold university college, N-1757 Halden
Phone: +47 69 60 84 00

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