Information Regarding the Corona Virus in SiØ Student Housing


SiØ Housing is monitoring the situation closely and we strictly follow all advice and recommendations from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. We continuously assess new measures as the situation changes. Please follow the HiØ webpage for local information and general guidelines. The information on this page will be updated continuously.

We ask all residents who are quarantined or put in home isolation to contact SiØ at +47 696 08 400 or email to ensure we get an overview of any cases of corona infection in the student housing.
Home quarantine and home isolation when sharing a common area
Those who share a communal kitchen and/or bathroom with someone in home quarantine can live as normal and follow information from the educational institution and/or employer. Nevertheless, keep an eye on your general health, specifically fever and respiratory symptoms.

If you share common areas with one or more people in home isolation due to a confirmed corona virus infection, you will be considered as a “close contact” and will be in a home quarantine for 14 days after you last were in contact with the infected person. You will also be home quarantined if you have been abroad during the past 14 days.

Two examples to illustrate this:
Person X lives with person Y. Person Y tests positive and is isolated. Person X must then be quarantined.
Person Y is quarantined. Person X is not quarantined and can "live as usual". If Y gets symptoms, the person may be infected and must then be isolated. This means that person X should be quarantined.

The difference between home quarantine and home isolation:
Home quarantine means that you can leave your student accommodation, but it is recommended that you avoid close contact with others. This includes:
  • Not going to work or school
  • Avoid travel and public transport
  • Avoid places where you can easily get close to others

Home isolation means that you must stay home. In consultation with your GP, it will be considered who can help you with necessary tasks such as grocery shopping and laundry.
For those of you who live in student housing and share common areas with others, this means that you have to stay in your room. You should limit visits to the shared kitchen and bathroom to only what is highly necessary. 

Measures for those who share common areas with others
  • Follow hand hygiene advice and other basic infection control measures. Good hand hygiene with frequent hand washing with soap and water is recommended, especially after toilet visits, before cooking and eating.
  • Be sure to have some food in your room and if possible, make simple meals there to reduce visits to the communal kitchen.
  • If you must use the communal kitchen, be sure to clean surfaces and other places you are in contact with.
  • If you do not have a private bathroom and must use a shared bathroom, it is important that you use your own soap and towel after washing your hands.
  • We encourage frequent cleaning of common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Wash surfaces such as bathroom sink, toilet, door handle and kitchen sink. You can use regular detergents for this.

If you suspect you are infected
If you suspect you may be infected or seriously ill, contact your local emergency room on telephone +47 116 117, for immediate assistance call +47 113. For other health-related inquiries, call your GP. Do not call the emergency department for general questions related to the corona virus
Halden municipality's corona virus information line is +47 488 85 200
Fredrikstad municipality's corona virus information line is +47 693 81 108

Municipal doctors in Fredrikstad:
Guro Steine Letting
+47 69 30 60 46
Berit Løkken Finess
+47 69 30 60 39
Lise Wangberg Storhaug
+47 69 30 61 06
Sofie Lund Danielsen
+47 69 30 56 29
Ove Kristianslund

Municipal doctors in Halden:
Halvard Bøe
+47 93 24 40 52

Eva Lindset
+47 69 17 46 61

For more information about the home quarantine and home isolation, see the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's website or call their information line at +47 815 55 015