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Who can apply for housing at SiØ?
Anyone can apply , but you must be a student to get housing . This means that you can apply before you have reached your studies and obtain a contract , but you can not move in until given study . If you have received housing but not getting admission it is important that you notify us immediately so that you get your deposit back in full.

How long can I stay?
SiØ operates with one-year contracts ( 11 months) . At the end of the second semester you may apply for extension of the contract. You can stay as long as you study at HiØ . SiØ has the right to verify that you are entitled to housing.

How do I apply?
For a guide on how to apply for housing with us click here .

What is the deadline to apply?
You can apply for housing with us all year .

What are the house rules?
For house rules download the PDF provided here.

Why house rules?
House rules are there to create a better environment for you and for those you live with .

Does SiØ have family homes?
No, unfortunately we have no family residences as we believe the private market addresses this need .

Is kitchen equipment included?
All our shared accommodation kitchens are equipped with basic kitchen equipment. In studios or couples apartments you need to bring your own. 
Kitchenware included: pots, pans, crockery, cutlery, glasses, cups, cooking utensils, serving bowls, knives, cutting board, saucepans, peels.

Can I have pets in the student residence?
No, it is not allowed. We can make exceptions for students in need of a guide dog . In this case, a written application must be submitted to SiØ .

Is smoking allowed in the residences?
No, smoking is not allowed in any of our residences.

Is internet included?
Yes, the internet is included in all our units. All the homes have a high speed line provided by Østfold University College. Each dorm has both cable and wireless network. 

Is cable TV included?
No, unfortunately we have no cabl. 

Is contents insurance included?
No, SiØ insures only the housing stock . We are not able to secure your belongings, you must get a contents insurance yourself. 

Do I have to pay a deposit before I move in?
Yes, this is required for you to get a contract with SiØ.

When and how do I get my deposit back?
As soon as you have properly cleaned your flat and delivered your key, you will get your deposit back in a short time. 

Can I keep my student home over the summer?
Yes, you can submit your application to keep your home over the summer.

Are the student residences furnished?
All our homes are fully furnished.
All homes are furnished with :
  • Bed
  • Desk w / office chair
  • Closet
The public spaces have fully equipped kitchen with appliances . 

Can I bring my own furniture?
You can bring your own furniture , but you can not remove any of the existing furniture.

Are there laundry facilities in the houses?
Yes, all our homes are connected to a utility room . More information about this here :

Laundry Fredrikstad
Laundry Halden (coming )