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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find answers to your questions on the website, you're welcome to contact us by mail:

Apply for housing

Who can apply for housing at SiØ?
Anyone can apply, but the rooms are primarily for students at HIØ. You’re welcome to apply even if you haven’t gotten your admission papers yet.

How do I apply?
Create a profile in and leave an application for Halden or Fredrikstad.

What if I don’t get accepted to HIØ or decide not to go?
If you have accepted a tenancy contract with SIØ but decide not to go, it’s important that you send an to email: immediately.

When is the deadline to apply?
You can apply for housing all year. If you’re an international student on the Erasmus program, you have to apply before May 20th or November 20th to be secured a room. If you apply after

How long can I live in SiØ’s rooms?
SiØ operates with one-year contracts (11 months). At the end of the second semester you may apply for extension of the contract. You can stay as long as you study at HiØ. SiØ has the right to verify that you are entitled to housing.
For how long can one stay in SIØs rooms?

SIØ operates with one-year contracts (11 months). International students who are staying for 1 semester, get a contract from August – December. In the middle of the spring semester you will be offered a new contract for the next year.
Is it possible to change accommodation through the year?
Yes, leave an application for “room change” in unialltid. We’ll assign you a contract for a new room if it’s available. Please note that there is a changeover fee.
Does it have to be two students to live in a couples apartment?

No, only the persons who signs the contract must be a student. You’re free to live with a person that is not a student.

Can I live by myself in a couples apartment?
Do SiØ have family apartments?

No, we do not have residences for kids
What do I do if I sign the tenancy contract but don’t get admission to HiØ?
If so, you have to message us ASAP so that you get all of the deposit back. 

I’m a student in another school, can I apply for a room in SiØ’s houses?
Yes, you can apply, but we prioritize current and new students from HiØ.

Moving in

Do I have to pay the deposit before I move in?
Yes, you won’t get the key to enter your room without the deposit. If you pay the deposit the same day you want to move in, then you have to send us a conformation from the bank.
How can I enter the residence if I arrive after work hours (kl8-15)?

You’ll find information about KEYS here.

Where do I go to get my student card activated as a key card?
Halden: HiØ building, hall E1
Fredrikstad: «Servicebygget», placed in between Bjølstad studenthouses, attached to house H
Are there parking spaces on the area?

Yes and No, it depends which building you move in to. Read more here
Am I allowed to have pets?
No, it's not allowed. Exceptions may be made for students with a need for a guide dog. In that case, a written application must be emailed to SiØ.

Can you tell me who I’m going to share the collective with?
No, we’re not allowed to tell you anything about the persons you’re moving in with.
Can my parents pay the rent?
Yes, mom or dad (with a Norwegian bankaccount) can create a eFaktura with your customer number.

When is the first rent due?
You’ll get an email when the rent is available. Rent is due the 15th each month. The first rent does not have to be paid before you get to move in, only the deposit.
Do all the rooms come with furniture?
Yes, all the rooms comes with: a bed, a desk + a chair and a clothing cabinet. You can buy a duvet packagw for 450 NOK. The kitchen is supplied with household appliances and you get access to a common laundry room.
Is it kitchen equipment in the kitchen?
All kitchens in collectives have the most basic of equipment. There are nothing in couples apartments and single rooms with your own kitchen and bathroom.
Can I bring my own furniture?
You can bring your own, but you can move the existing furniture. This limits what you can bring.

How do I get a storeroom?
Halden: Contact janitor Magne, + 47 90671411.
Fredrikstad: Go to “servicebygget” or send a mail to
My residence
Are there rules of living?
You'll find the house rules under “contract and attachements” here

Why are there rules of living?
They're there to secure a better environment for you and the ones you live with.
Is it allowed to smoke inside?

No, no smoking allowed inside. You’ll find marked areas outside where you can smoke. Do not stand by the entrance door and smoke.
Do we have access to internet?
Yes, internet is included in all our houses. All houses have a high-speed line provided by Østfold University College. There is a separate jack point in each room and you have access to the wireless network “eduroam”.
How do I connect to the wireless network?
First of all you need a username + password from HIØ. If you have difficulties connecting your phone or computer to eduroam, ask “IT-vakt” for help.
Does your houses have cabel-TV?
No, we only have IPTV signals
Do we have access to a laundry room?
Yes. Note: in Fredrikstad you’ll need a laundry card.
What do I do if I experience a lot of bothersome noise?
Call securitas (+47) 907 84 853, remember to say where you’re calling from.
Who do I contact to get access to the school’s gym?
Servicetorget, located by the main entrance of the school.
What do I do if the battery on the door dies?
Contact Magne in Halden: (+47 90671411), and Dina in Fredrikstad: (Contact securitas after 16.00: (+47) 907 84 853).

Moving out

How and when do I get my deposit back?
First you have to register IBANnr and SWIFTcode in unialltid. Do not enter bankaccountnr if you don’t have a Norwegian bank. 

Can I keep the same apartment over the summer?
Yes, all current residents will get a new contract  from July 1st. If you only want to stay in July you have to email
Can I move out in June and get the same room in August?
No, if you move out, your application will be in the list with all the other new students.

Who do I contact when I’ve cleaned out my room?
Contact us on email,, before you move out, so we can schedule a date for cleaning check.
Do I have to be present when the room is checked?

Yes, if yours is not approved then you have to be present to fix it. Remember that you have to be out of your room before 12 o clock the same day.
What do I do if I want to cancel my contract?
First: read this, then leave an application for termination in unialltid and send a mail to
Østfold university college, N-1757 Halden
Phone: +47 69 60 84 00

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