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How to apply for an apartment?

All applications can be made through
Here you will find information about all of our student accommodations, and have the possibility to apply. In addition to this you will find a lot of useful options as a registered tenant. You can see the status of your invoices, change user information, change applications, etc.

There are two options when signing a contract with SiØ :
1. Signing rental contracts with BankID
To sign a rental contract electronically with BankID, you need a Norwegian bank account with BankID. (Ask your bank about this, if you have not have a BankID)
You can sign the rental agreement by choosing the option "Sign" in the "Contract history".
This option activates BankID-signing. Follow the instructions in the procedure and you will be led through the signing process step by step.
To sign with BankID is simple, safe and as binding as a handwritten signature.

2. Signing rental contracts without BankID
For you that have not got a BankID or of other reasons wish to sign with handwritten signature, the procedure is as follows:
1. Download the rental contract (PDF file) by using the option button "Download" and print out the contract.
2. Sign the contract, scan the document, and return it to the landlord using the option button “Upload”.
Where are the apartments?
Fredrikstad has housing units at Bjølstad in Fredrikstad, Østfold University College (HiØ). The single rooms are ranging from 11m2 to disabled adapted apartments of 48 m2. Internet access, janitor service and electricity is included in the house-rent. Student Housing is located a stone's throw away from Campus, where there is also a bookshop, coffee shop, diner and a student pub.
Halden has a brand new student housing option 50 meters from campus. Internet access, janitor service and electricity is included in the house rent. On campus there is a gym, a coffee shop, a cafeteria,  a student pub and a bookshop. Around campus there is a large outdoor area with a football pitch, sports hall, swimming pool and sand volleyball court.