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Connect to the internet

You receive a password and username to log on to the wireless network from Østfold University College, which is the supplier of our broadband network. All student residences also has wired network wall jack.

WI-FI and the wired network

If you experience problems with your connection, please try the following before you contact us:
  1. Check if your own computer works in your room.
  2. Check if your neighbors computer works in your neighbours room. 
  3. Check if your own computer works in you neighbours room.
  4. Check if your neighbors computer works in your room. 

If at least one computer works in one of the rooms, then there's no network problems and you must debug your computer.

WI-FI: Contact it-vakt if the problem persists.
If the wired network does not respond, report errors in unialltid. The caretaker will come and check  if the outlet receives signals.

IT operations have accepted temporary use of private wireless access points, under the condition that they are used on Channel 1.6 or 11 on the 2.4Ghz band (IEEE 802111g) or anywhere on the 5Ghz band.
Use of other channels will weaken the Eduroam wireless network.
Østfold university college, N-1757 Halden
Phone: +47 69 60 84 00

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