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Foundation for student life – Better together

What to bring

All our rooms include a bed, desk, chair and a wardrobe closet. The kitchen have the most necessary appliances and you have access to a common laundry room.

You should bring:
  • Personal belongings and clothes
  • Towels and soap
  • Internet-cable (so you can access the internet before you get the username and password from the school)                                                     

You can bring your own furniture, but you can’t replace our furniture with your own.

We offer bedlinen package including sheets, duvet and pillow + cover that you can buy for 450 NOK.  We’ll leave one in all the erasmus students rooms, but if you're not an erasmus student: email to get one.

Collectives and double rooms
All the collectives are supplied with basic kitchens equipment.

This includes pots and pans, cooking utensils, dishware, cutlery, cups and glasses.
If you want other equipment you are welcome to bring them with you.

Couples apartments and single rooms with private kitchen:

Includes none of the above, you have to bring your own kitchen supplies. 
Østfold university college, N-1757 Halden
Phone: +47 69 60 84 00

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