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My residence - Remmen

Here you'll find information about: 

All rooms have a personal electronic mailbox connected to them.

You'll find the mailboxes here: 
A and B: first floor.
C and D: ground floor, the hall connecting house C and D.
8A and 8B: on the wall in the bicycle parking.

The mailboxes opens with your registered student card. Register the card in our office.

Your delivery address: 
B R A veien 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D or 8A, 8B + H0XXX (see door or contract) 
1783 Halden

It's important that you add your room number to your adress, when you report relocation. The room number should also always be added to your orders. Also remember to change this on your profiles on ebay, nelly etc.

If you are expecting a package at the post office, collected it here:
Coop Prix - Braveien 55
You can collect packages from both "Postnord" and "posten" at coop prix.

In some cases, packages from postnord are delivered to our office. If so, we'll send you a text message to retrieve the package here.
Laundry room

The laundry room is located on the ground floor between house C and D. Collect the laundry chip at SIØs office. The laundry chip comes with a pre-generated username and password.
There are 5 washing machines and 5 dryers in the laundry room. One washing machine and one dryer is of an extra large size to fit sleeping bags, duvets etc.
Please read this before using the laundry room

Laundry type Price
Washing machine Kr. 15,-
Dryer Kr. 5,-
Washing machine XL Kr. 20,-
Dryer XL Kr 10,-
  1. Get a laundry chip from our office
  2. Log in and transfer money from your credit card
  3. Use the laundry card to start the machine you reserved (reader is on the machines) 
When you’ve received the laundry chip
Follow this link and enter the username and password (use the pre-generated username and password from the envelope)
After logging in you’ll see this page:

laundry eng1
 You can change your username and password if you like. You’ll be asked to log in again after you’ve changed the username and password.


You can reserve machines between 07.00 and 22.00. PS. You can use the machines without reserving time, but only if the machine is done before the next reservation is set. Therefore, it’s important that you log in and return the money from the laundry account. The washing machines is not available for booking between 22.00 and 07.00.
If yo do not use the machines you’ve booked, and don’t cancel the reservations, you’ll be charged a fee of 25 NOK. You must cancel the reservation 1 hour before.
You can book two machines up to two weeks in advance.
Account / Payment
In order to reserve time, you must have money in your "account". The money will not be transferred to the laundry chip but will remain on your web account. If you lose the laundry chip, you must log in to the laundry pages and select "Refund or Return Cash to Account". Your money will be returned to the account number you made your payment from.

Lost card / Found chip

If you lose your chip, you must replace it and pay 100NOK. Found chips are delivered to SIØs office. If you lose your chip, we recommend that you return the money you have left on the card to your own bank account.
Operating the blinds

When pressing button 1 and 3 the blinds will change angle.
A long press (5 seconds) on button 1 and 3 will make the blinds go up or down in the direction you press. This can be stopped by pressing button 2.

The blinds are programmed as follows:
  • After 2 min of sun, the blinds will go down.
  • After 30 minutes without sun, the blinds will go up again
The blinds will go up automatically when gusty as this can damage the blinds.
Fire instructions
You'll find this panel outside every collective in house C and D. This panel is only for prior notice. If the alarm is unwanted and it's impossible to silence the alarm, call (+47) 69201700 ASAP.
The fire alarm in house 8A and 8B is not directly connected to the fire department. This means that you have to call 110 if there's an actual fire.

The fire alarm in Nye Remmen is directly connected to the fire-departement. In case of unwanted alarm, call the fire department on tel. 69201700 to confirm that the alarm is unwanted. Save this number to your phone.

It`s strictly forbidden to disconnect fire alarms from the ceiling. All alerts are connected, if you take down one, the security will be broken and the alarm goes off.
Smoking inside is not allowed inside under any circumstances. Do not cover the fire detector.

All unwanted alarms leading to full emergency response will incur a fee of 5000 NOK. The room where the fire alarm was triggered will get the invoice.
  • Do not leave the room when you have lit candle lights.
  • Avoid frying pizza when you should be asleep
  • Be present while cooking food. Avoid dry cooking
  • Avoid using chargers at night
  • Do NOT smoke inside
  • Do not leave electrical heaters and other electrical appliances while they are on.

The fire panels  

In case of fire, assemble in the parking lot
Meeting place is in the parking lot outside of building A.

By pushing in the green emergency boxes by the doors, all locking mechanisms will loosen and the door will no longer be locked.

Attendance Space:
Troubles with the WI-FI connection or the wired network


If you experience problems with your connection, please try the following before you contact us:
  1. Check if your own computer works in your room.
  2. Check if your neighbors computer works in your neighbours room. 
  3. Check if your own computer works in you neighbours room.
  4. Check if your neighbors computer works in your room. 

If at least one computer works in one of the rooms, then it's not a network problem and you must debug your computer.

WI-FI: Contact it-vakt if the problem persists.
If the wired network does not respond, report error in unialltid. The caretaker will come and check  if the outlet receives signals.

IT operations have accepted temporary use of private wireless access points, under the condition that they are used on Channel 1.6 or 11 on the 2.4Ghz band (IEEE 802111g) or anywhere on the 5Ghz band.
Use of other channels will weaken the Eduroam wireless network.

What do you do if you experience bothersome noise from other residents?

Have in mind that you live with other students and therefore must accept noise to some extent. However - according to Norwegian law, your neighbour is not allowed to disturb the general peace and order, hence unnecessary noise.

The house rules reads:
Tenants should at all times respect other people’s need for peace and quiet. It must be quiet after 23:00 on weekdays and 24:00 on days before Sundays/holidays in the housings and on the premises in general. Tenants are responsible for guests and must call for assistance if they are unable to control them. SiØ can require them to leave the premises.
This rule is not only SIØ's, but it is also legislated in the constitution § 3.

SECURITAS: TLF (+47) 907 84 853 
POLICE: 02800

Here is what you can do if you experience noise:
  1. Talk to your neighbor and try to find a solution together. This will often be the best solution as it promotes a good environment for all parts.
  2. Call Securitas: (+47) 907 84 853. (Remember to tell them that you're calling from Remmen)
  3. Send a complaint to us,, and describe the incident with involved parties.
Report inquiry

If you notice errors or defects in your room or collective, you must report it in unialltid. The caretaker will receive the message and fix the problem. This can be anything from light bulbs, heating cables, cranes, ovens etc.

This is what you do:
  • Log in to your site
  • On the first page, choose "Inquiry"
  • Describe the problem

NOTE: If you allow the caretaker to fix the problem without you being present, check the "godtar innlåsing" box. If this is not OK, call Magne (+47 90671411) to arrange a time that works for both.
This only applies to inquiries in your own private room.

Do you have other questions that do not concern physical things in your home, but contract, student card, codes and other general questions, please send it to

Storing of garbage in the corridors shall not occur at all. If you plan to take the trash out when you leave, leave it in your room until you go.

We have sorting for general waste and paper. This must be disposed of in the correct containers.
Glass, metal and other waste must be thrown at recycling stations. Nearest you is B R A veien 55.

Weekly cleaning control

The weekly cleaning shall consist:
  • Empty garbage (must of course be done continuously)
  • Floor
  • Kitchen benches and cabinets
  • Stoves and plate tops
  • Kitchen sinks and faucets
  • Bathroom (not in your private rooms, only the ones you share)

We recommend that you and your roommates come to an agreement about cleaning routines. This contributes to a clean and comfortable living environment.
We do not check studio apartments or couples apartments. 

Semester cleaning
The semester cleaning is done twice a year, in November and in April/May. You will get a cleaning list from us.
You will be charged 500NOK, if your cleaning task is not approved.
If you are in practice or are not in the resident while semester cleaning is checked, you can send us an email to book an appointment for another day.
Please note: We do not check studio apartments or couples apartments. 

Cleaning Equipment
SiØ puts out starter packages in collectives every summer.
This includes
  • Mop rack
  • Buckets
  • Rags
  • Some soap
Soap and cloths are not replenished, this is the responsibility of the resident to acquire. The starter packages is available from August 1st and are intended as a start-up assistance when moving in.
If there is no vacuum cleaner where you live and want vacuum cleaner, you must buy this yourself. (Central vacuum cleaner is to be found on Nye Remmen and Bjølstad 4)
Cleaning check in connection with changing room/moving
When moving out, the entire room, including your cabins and the fridge in the common area must be washed. A cleaning-check time must always be reported to us. You can report this to
See "move out" for more information and checklists.

All our homes are non-smoking. Smoking is not permitted.
Smoking must be done in designated places. Smoking right outside the entrances is prohibited.

Attention, smoke smell can be very difficult and expensive to get off. If you've smoked inside and it smells when you move out, there will be a cleaning fee. This can cost you between 5000 - 12000 NOK
Østfold university college, N-1757 Halden
Phone: +47 69 60 84 00

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