About SiØ

The Student Welfare Organisation in Østfold (SiØ) actively participates in creating the best possible overall learning environment at Østfold University College (HiØ). SiØ is headed by a board with a majority of student members.

The Student Welfare Organisation in Østfold provides: 
  • Housing
  • Bookshop
  • Diners
  • Health support
  • Student advice  
  • Cultural support for student social events
  • A support scheme for students who have been in accidents.

SiØ housing
As a student at Østfold University College, you can benefit from our great housing opportunities in Fredrikstad and Halden. These provide good accommodation at a reasonable price compared with many other places.

SiØ bookshop
SiØ runs bookshops on Østfold University College’s campuses in Fredrikstad and Halden. Here we do our best to provide you with the books on your required reading list and the study materials you need for your studies. We also carry a range of fiction, gifts, cards, etc. At SiØ bookshops you can also order other literature, both Norwegian and foreign.

SiØ Advice & Health
SiØ runs Advice & Health, which provides advice and guidance on coping with student life and your studies as best as possible. Students can also get information and advice on social and financial problems. Some people contact us because of delays in their studies, long-term illness or pregnancy. Others contact us because they are having problems concentrating on their subject and studying. Yet others need someone to talk to because of a difficult life situation, anxiety, depression or problems with their partners. The service is free.

SiØ Diners
SiØ runs diners and cafés on Østfold University College’s campuses in Fredrikstad and Halden. The students are our most important customer group. The idea is to offer good, varied and nutritional food.

Better Together

We have developed a basic strategy, ‘Better Together’, which provides the foundation for everything we do. Finding the right path to success is easier when you work with others. SiØ is based on solidarity, cooperation and being a place where many people from different sectors of society can work together. People have to build brick by brick in order to succeed. SiØ’s logo is based on the same idea, many bricks combining to form a single unit.

Every day, many students find themselves in a system where they need help, advice or other services. That’s why we think it’s very important to reduce students’ frustration by providing clear pointers to where our various services can be found. And that’s why we have created clear symbols that depict Housing, Bookshop, Diners and Advice & Health. We hope people will find us accommodating, dynamic, warm and inspiring.