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Moving out

If you move out the same as your last day on the contract, then your things and the room must be cleared before 1200, if you don't have an agreement that says otherwise. 
You will lose acces to your room when the cleaning check is done and approved.

Terminations of the contract must be registered in unialltid.

SIØ operates initially with irrevocable contracts. To get the termination approved, you must submit the required information. This might be:
  1. Confirmation from the college university that you have ended your study
  2. Information about the new student who will take over your contract

If you have a new student to take over your room, he or she must apply in unialltid and write as a comment wich room they want.
Confirmation and information must be sent to

Cleaning control

Email us to book an appointment for room check.

It's important that you're present when we're there to check your room, so you can correct any deficiencies. Not approved cleaning will come with a cleaning fee.

Cleaning check must be the same day as you leave, a few hours earlier so you have the time to correct any deficiencies. If you're leaving before 8 in the morning or in the weekend, book an appointment for the day before.

Cleaning equipment
We have cleaning equipment for lending if you need it
  • Remmen - contact Magne
  • Bjølstad - contact servicekontoret

Check lists for cleaning
Check lists for you to use when you're moving out/changing room 

Make sure you get all your belongings with you
  • Remove any furniture you brought on your own
  • Check that you got everything from your store room. SIØ don't take responsibility for the things we throw away after you move out.
  • Remember your bike
  • Empty all cabins with your things

You have to register IBANnr and SWIFTcode in order for us to  be able to give you your deposit back. If you have a norwegian bankaccont, you can register that instead. Do not register both. 
You'll get your depsoit back when you've moved out and your cleaning is approved. 
Østfold university college, N-1757 Halden
Phone: +47 69 60 84 00

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