Our Diners and Cafés

SiØ’s diners are a service aimed at university college students in Østfold. Their products and product ranges are primarily aimed at meeting the needs of students. The outlets are designed to provide students with a natural meeting place offering a variety of good, reasonably priced, nutritious food.

We have a diner, café and vending machines on each campus. All of our sales outlets are cash-free.

SiØ Diner Remmen
SiØ Diner Remmen offers students and staff a range of quality, tasty food that will satisfy most people’s expectations at a reasonable price.
 The premises are connected to Vrimle, Aud6 and the SiØ bookshop.

SiØ Café Remmen
The café in Remmen is located in the heart of the canteen between Aud6 and SiØ Diner. Here we offer most modern coffee drinks, frappés and teas, as well as seasonal products like iced coffee, iced tea and smoothies.
Soup of the day, toast, panini and other snacks are on the menu too. You can also sit outside, weather permitting.

SiØ Diner Fredrikstad
SiØ Diner Fredrikstad is located in bright, pleasant premises on the third floor. Here the staff do their best to offer students and staff a varied menu, and are happy to help if you want something a little bit extra. 

SiØ Café Fredrikstad
Here on the ground floor of Building H, students can relax in intimate premises, indoors or outdoors.
The café sells most types of coffee drinks and varieties of tea, which can be enjoyed together with a tasty snack such as freshly-made, wholemeal, door-stop sandwiches for breakfast or an irresistibly delicious cinnamon bun right out of the oven. 
Vending machines
Available 24/7. Fizzy drinks and mineral water vending machines, coffee and hot drink vending machines, and chilled vending machines offering kiosk and dairy products.

Weekly menu