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Welcome to SIØ housing

SIØ provides housing for those who's going to study at Østfold unverstiy college. We have a total of 702 student housing units distributed in Fredrikstad and Halden.

If you plan to study in Østfold fall 2018, leave an application as early as possible.

SiØ has been an active participant for the students welfare during their studies since 1994. The housing department offers room in collective, couples apartments and rooms with your own private kitchen and bathroom. All houses are located in a walking and cycling distance from the university college. 

Homes in solid wood
In the autumn of 2013, we started the development of SIØ's houses in solid wood. Three years later we had 519 finished student housings distributed in Halden (Nye Remmen) and in Fredrikstad (Bjølstad IV). Living in solid wood houses is beneficial for both you and the environment. It creates a good indoor climate, produces less greenhouse gas emissions and is very fire resitance.

You'll find more information about what you should think about before you move in, when you have moved in and what do to before you move out in the fan to the left. See FAQ for more information.

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Overview picture of Remmen student houses
Østfold university college, N-1757 Halden
Phone: +47 69 60 84 00

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